Alternative fuel vehicles

Alternative fuel vehicles

This types of vehicles are different from traditional fuels like petrol, diesel etc. and the technology of powering engine is fully different with petroleum. As environment is an important issue these electric car, hybrid electric vehicles and solar powered have higher demand. There are other reasons behind this like high oil prices, innovation of alternative fuels and also advanced power system which finds priority to the manufacturers as well as to the government throughout world.
Low emission car

Hybrid electric vehicles, an alternative fuel vehicles, ensures efficient use of petroleum by using its advance technologies in the electric battery and generator. More research and development are performed to stable alternative forms of power focus on developing those vehicles which are all electronic and have fuel cell and even there have stored energy of compressed air.


Green cars

Environmental issues differentiate green cars and conventional cars. Green cars are more environment friendly than the others. A green car or conventional car is determined by the wat how the car is fueled.

Why it is necessary to develop

Fossil fuel will be no more one day as it is not renewable and conventional cars burns this fuels to create motion which creates inverse effect on our environment. Burning of this fuel results excessive amount of greenhouse gas emotion into the atmosphere which is main culprit of global warming.

This sorts of fossil fuel is generated from crude oil and this is not renewable at all and one day it will e no more. The production of this oil has also negative effects like oil spills. BP Deepwater horizon Disaster oil spill in 2010 destroyed both natural habitants as well as killed many wildlife’s.

Green car and its nature

A green car has less environmental damage than conventional cars as it consumes less petroleum and also uses renewable energy sources to fuel its engine. Types of green cars:-

  • Electric cars
  • Hybrid cars
  • Hydrogen cars
  • Solar cars
  • LPG converted cars

Buyers of green car

Green cars are now becoming more popular to customers and a large number of green cars are available to meet that demand in the market. To buy an ecofriendly cars you must give focus on CO2 emission process. To be a good environment friendly car, less than 100 g/km CO2 should be needed. Because of less CO2 emission there is less cost on tax and the prices of cars are lower in the market.

Green car costs and savings

To determine the best car among plenty of cars you must consider the fuel efficiency and emissions. Usually more efficient cars are more acceptable to the environment and also save your money. Green cars costs are also same compare to others and it is much more affordable. You can make your regular vehicle by converting it to LPG by Authorized LPG conversion specialist

Usually fuel efficiency of small cars are much better than large cars as they produce less toxic emissions and also reduce your fuel cost. If your car is small then it can save up to £ 80 per year on road tax. If the mill per gallon pf a car is better than it proves higher efficiency.

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