LPG Car Purchase Tips

LPG car purchase tips/Advice

Buying Used LPG cars?

If you would like buy a car which is already LPG converted make sure to check following things carefully.  Here is some LPG car purchase tips. Well some check we all need to do before buying a normal car as well. Before purchasing a LPG system installed car you need to check couple of extra things to make sure car been installed LPG system properly from an Authorised LPG conversion workshop.

LPG car purchase tips

Installed by Certified Experts:

Very first thing you need to look that vehicle’s LPG system is installed by UKLPG certified experts or from Authorised workshop. They are very well trained experts to install LPG system on a car or van to make sure expected efficiency. If LPG installer’s information is not available you might rethink before make a final decision.

UKLPG Registration:

UKLPG keeps record of all approved LPG Converted cars details. All converted cars on LPG in the UK should be on the UKLPG register, means they have been converted and inspected by an approved converter on the UKLPG scheme. You can easily find out if the car you are looking at is on the register by entering the car number plate on the UKLPG website.  


Service History and MOT:

Unlike other cars you need to check service history of LPG installed car as well. All information about services and repairs information and LPG system’s checking history as well. Like regular cars you might want to have look on millage on dashboard and MOT certificate as well.

Test Drive on Both Fuels:

This is one of most important LPG car purchase tips. With any car purchase you need to take it for test drive to check it on the road. If you would like to buy LPG converted car you need to check car is running smoothly on both fuels. Usually LPG car starts with Petrol or Diesel and switch to LPG automatically very soon.

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