LPG Environmental Benefits

Auto gas based vehicles are much cleaner in compare to others. It creates less harmful emission tan other traditional fuels and proved it as the best environment friendly fuel.

LPG benefits

  1. Engine noise of auto gas is lower which doesn’t create any pollution.
  2. If there is auto gas fuel spill then it quickly evaporate which creates few risks of ground as well as water contamination.
  3. Auto gas reduces carbon as it has low amount of carbon content.
  4. Air quality doesn’t affect inversely by Auto gas because fewer harmful emission.

A study on independent testing of nearly 9000 cars found that LPG produce 11% Less CO2 in operation and about 15 % less from “well to wheel”. The study also found That LPG produce NOx in a lower quantity than Diesel and petrol.in comparison to diesel, LPG emits NOx five time less. LPG has minimum amount pf particle emission.

Why Auto gas is cleaner

Health statistics proved that thousand advanced death an illness is performed due to emitted particles form vehicles. Low level ozone is only for NOx emission which is responsible for smog and worsen asthma conditions.

  1. Diesel vehicles emits 120 times more particles than LPG vehicles
  2. Maximum 20 LPG vehicles NOx emission is equivalent to 1 diesel NOx emission.


A study performed by Atlantic Consulting Compared result on 1251 models of bi –fuel vehicles that an average 11 % CO2 tailpipe benefit at the timing of running on LPG.

If we consider well to wheel than Diesel is 29.5% higher than LPG and Petrol is 26.9 % higher than LPG.

--------by Camet & Marketing Partner

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  1. yes LPG is the cheapest greener option for cars, Specially LPG is only option for a used car to reduce fuel cost and carbon footprints

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